Saturday, March 12, 2011

New Section- Picture Perfect!!

Hello Lades,

It's a lazy Sunday!!

I was browsing pictures for our section worst dressed celebrities, when I stumbled on Zarine Khan's picture at St Xaviers Tennis Academy Event, and I thought this lady is sooo picture perfect. The right make up, the right hair, and the somewhat right casual dressing.

Hence I decided to include this section in the blog,and what better than a Sunday to do it, when we all are browsing the net the for some good reads and sees. :P

So today's picture perfect celebrity is- Zarine Khan.

I couldn't really find a flaw in her make up, she seems absolutely perfect!!!!

What do you think about her?


  1. her makeup is sooo purrrfect!!! <3

  2. @Deeptima and Siri... I agree with both of you !! <3

  3. i really loved her outfit...and also her scandles she is wearing....

  4. HI too loved her over all attire and make up.. :)