Monday, January 31, 2011

Health & glow Naturals Radiance Face cleanser Review

Hi everyone, today I would review one of the face cleansers I bought from my Chennai Trip. So today I am gonna review the Health & glow Naturals Radiance Face cleanser.

Well, to start of with, this was just a random pick. I mean I had shopped for my moisturizers and cream all ready from the Health & Glow stores in Abirami Mall, Chennai, and then happened to stumble on these cleansers.

When I saw them I was a bit reluctant on picking them since it a new launch by health and Glow, but then sine they were dirty cheap I got one.

So to start of with,

Price and quantity:

Originally for the price for 100 ml of the product is RS 59 only, but I got it for some RS 39 as an introductory price. 


It’s available in almost all the Health & Glow outlets all over the country.

What the Product claims?

Hydrates and calms. Pre-moisturizes your skin with a fast drying, lightweight treatment that protects and softens skin. Soothes and nurtures the skin.

Key ingredients:

Water, SLES, Sodium Chloride, Papaya extracts and Aloe Vera Gel. (such a short and sweet ingredient list) 

About the product:

Health & Glow Naturals, has a huge huge variety of these cleansers, depending on your skin type. I picked up an Aloe Face cleanser since I have an oily skin. It’s available in tea tree, chamomile, lavender and so many other types. You can choose in accordance to your skin type.

Health & glow Naturals Radiance Face cleanser comes in a ordinary flip flop capped bottle, which makes the dispensing of the cleanser totally non-messy. 

The Aloe cleanser I picked is a transparent one (waterlike).

How to use it?

Massage over the face and neck using fingertips. Wipe away with tissue and rinse with water.


• Darn cheap.
• They have varieties of cleansers for every skin type. 
• Cleans my skin thoroughly. ( I use it for getting rid of my remnant make up, after cleaning up the make up with olive oil)
• The consistency of the cleanser is quite thick. 
• Has a very mild and soothing smell.
• Not tested on animals. Yeyy!


• It makes my skin a bit dry and stretched.
• It makes my skin smooth, only after I moisturize it post cleansing.

You can miss this one, since there are great cleansers available in the market. But yes, it comes quite cheap so giving it a chance is really worth. If nothing else, you can use it as a brush cleaner or a hand sanitizer. :P



My Maybelline Haul, Thanks Pooja!!!

The New Year kick started for me, with loads and loads of shopping, gifts and surprises. I had major hauls in the past two months, and the season of hauls continues for me.

But today was a special special day and I really wanna Thank Pooja, for making it so special.

I just happened to stumble on Pooja’s blog last week and found out that she was an oriflame consultant. Well, I do not really buy oriflame products but yes, once a while sitting in the salon I flip through their catalogue and if I find something interesting I order it.

I was actually looking for a nice blush since I had almost eaten up my Maybelline dream mousse last month. :P I love it!!!! I am not that fond of powder blushes but yes I do use them in Majboori, when I don’t have my cream ones or the Maybelline dream blush. The oriflame consultant here is quite nosey, I don’t like her, hmph!!!! She didn’t have the Visions blush stick, but fortunately Pooja did.. 

So I ordered my blush stick from Pooja, and also asked her if she could get me my Maybelline stuff, since I had to wait for my exams to get over till I get back to Pune to buy it.  And being a total sweetheart, Pooja happily agreed. Then what… I asked her to send me, Maybelline dream Mousse blushes in peach satin and soft plum. Color sensational Lipsticks in Warm me Up and Make me Pink. Maybelline color sensational lip gloss in Raspberry Sorbet along with the Visions stick blush. I also got a lipstick case free freee free…. 

I was elated when I got my parcel today; it took just 2 days to reach me.  Just couldn’t wait to open it up. Pooja took the special efforts of packing it with a bubble wrap, she also included the next months Oriflame Catalogue in it, I think I am ordering the whole catalogue.. :P :P And not to forget a lovely note with it. 

I am so so happy today, and wanna thank Pooja for her lovely gesture.  I am touched and how!!!

Totally loving all the stuff she sent me…… A big big bear hug to Pooja and also a big big Thank You!!!

I would be reviewing all the products in the haul one by one for you all. :)

 Thank you…. 

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Friday, January 28, 2011

Hi Beauties!

I am Sugar,a make up lover and lifestyle enthusiast.
Welcome to my blog. This is a space wherein I 'd be sharing a lot of my views on everything and anything.

To start off with, I would be talking on beauty and makeup.
The make up and products I'd be reviewing here, will range from a higher range to flea market specials. :)No specific brand or range. :)

My views on these products shall be unbiased and totally my own. :)Good or Bad. :)

My inspiration was all you bloggers on the blogosphere, but the bestest one was obviously Rati, from IMBB

a SUPER SUPER hugeeeee hugeee THANKS TO HER.....

The other things I would be sharing with you all would be clothes,shoes, bags, travel, entertainment, food,and everything in the air and under the sky. :)