Saturday, May 28, 2011


Forest Essential is proud to introduce their patent beauty product, Sanjeevani Beauty Elixir, a fabulous day cream which has the properties that reduces blemishes & pigmentation, it clarifies skin tone and has anti aging properties.

Sanjeevani Beauty Elixir (For Day):25 ml:Rs 2475

Sanjeevani Booti is a lithophytic plant, which means "One that infuses life". In Hindu mythology, Sanjaveeni is a magical herb which has a power to cure any malady. Lord Hanuman carried the whole mountain with Sanjeevani growing to save Lord Laxmana's life when he was hurt by Indrajit. At Forest Essentials the research physicians has taken an old age formula to refine and texturize into a silken elixir to drench the skin with moisture and leave the lightest veil of hydrating protection from UV and environmental pollution. All the ingredients are sourced from Ayurvedic texts and are 100% natural. The formulation is an enriched version of natural sebum, which instantly penetrates and plumps the skin. Sebum is natural oil, secreted by the sebaceous glands in skin that lubricate and protect the skin.

Forest Essential has put together a beauty regime with Sangeevani Beauty Elixir and Soundarya Serum. The term and the concept of Sanjeevani and Soundarya has been derived from the Hindu Mythology.

Soundarya Advanced Age-Defying Facial Serum with 24 karat gold (For Night):25 ml:Rs 2195

Soundarya is derived from Goddess Laxmi's radiance ritual. She used to use Gold Bhasm to make her skin glow. In Ayurveda precious metals have unique benefits when absorbed into the body. The most precious, Gold, not only vitalizes the tissues but refines the texture of the skin to look like ‘Silken Honey’ when referred to Goddess Lakshmi’s skin who reportedly only used pure gold in her skin preparations. This unique Ayurvedic recipe visibly diminishes signs of ageing , as it eliminates fine lines and restores firmness. This potent serum increases the production of collagen ,dramatically improves elasticity , leaving the skin radiant with a satin texture. An advanced formulation which intensifies the nutrient properties of the Soundarya serum which plumps and retains moisture in all seven layers of the skin. This precious Serum contains pure 24 karat gold.

Soundarya Serum eliminates fine lines, gives satin texture and restores firmness.

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Monday, May 23, 2011

He grows a year WISER!!!!! and co-incidentally my 100th post!!

Well, thinking what you just read, well, this is how I put it..I certainly feel that women grow older with each passing birthday…( I mean this is how the world puts it)whereas men grow wiser and smarter…(WOMEN ARE BORN WISE N SMART). 

No, ask your Mum…!!! She will agree… 

Today is HIS birthday…need I say more…. 

I am sitting here, seven seas across him…and what could I do in this new new city…..ahhhhhh…..I just got something very cute to celebrate it……… I need to celebrate right!! I bought these little ones…..I mean they made me happy at the first sight…

Love is blind you see……these cupcakes aint costly and made from some well known pastry cream and all..but they are LOVELY…aint they??

Well, here’s wishing my life a superb year ahead…and loads of love and success and health….

I love you and always will!!!

I almost uploaded the post when I realised its my 100th post.....:)

Look whos back, back again!!

Hello lovely ladies,

I am overwhelmed, and happy, and YES , I’m BACK!!!! 

Been a long, right? Ah I surely missed my blog and the beautiful people who make my blog special…… 

Ohk to start with, not many of you all know that I have migrated from India to Dubai. I’m happy and sad both, I miss India and I miss my “BOO” (well, most of you must’ve got it what I mean), I’m missing HIM to bits, but YES we are sorting things out… 

So this is my come back post and I promise to make my blog more exciting and a big big “reading treat” for you all..

So tell me what do you want me to start with? Reviews? Looks? Gossip? Or anything else?