Monday, May 23, 2011

He grows a year WISER!!!!! and co-incidentally my 100th post!!

Well, thinking what you just read, well, this is how I put it..I certainly feel that women grow older with each passing birthday…( I mean this is how the world puts it)whereas men grow wiser and smarter…(WOMEN ARE BORN WISE N SMART). 

No, ask your Mum…!!! She will agree… 

Today is HIS birthday…need I say more…. 

I am sitting here, seven seas across him…and what could I do in this new new city…..ahhhhhh…..I just got something very cute to celebrate it……… I need to celebrate right!! I bought these little ones…..I mean they made me happy at the first sight…

Love is blind you see……these cupcakes aint costly and made from some well known pastry cream and all..but they are LOVELY…aint they??

Well, here’s wishing my life a superb year ahead…and loads of love and success and health….

I love you and always will!!!

I almost uploaded the post when I realised its my 100th post.....:)


  1. Hey Zeeba,

    Happy Birthday tp ur love may he have a fab year ahead..

    I hope u've settled by now...So nice to see u back..

    Take care


  2. aww happy birthday him. :)

  3. hey happie bday to ur love :d

  4. awww... how cute... belated wishes to him :)

  5. That is a cute coincidence :D

  6. i hope you keep writing more and more :) LOVE it all :)

  7. Happy belated bday to your luv! :)

    <3 Marina

  8. awww.. that is soo sweet!! and btw my bday was on 22, justlike that i m telling ya. lol.
    great blog girl. Happy blogging.