Friday, March 11, 2011

Oriflame Pure Color On The Go Lipstick- Swatches and a quick review and my experience

Hellow ladies

Here are the swatches of the oriflame lippies which few beautiful ladies wanted to see, so here I am posting the swatches of the lippies.

From left to right:

Coral Rose, Rich Red, Radiant Red, Black Cherry, Ripe Plum

This range was on an introductory price of Rs 59 in the February catalogue whereas in the March catalogue it is priced at Rs 89. 

The chose to pick colors from every color scheme, that is corals, reds, pinks, browns and purples.

Coral Rose: It is a nice nude, coral-orange shade which is apt for daily wear both official and formal.  One swipe is good, but 2 swipes are great. 

Rich red: It’s a pinkish red shade, one swipe of the lippi give you an average pink red lips which can be worn formally and 2 swipes make you an evening diva. 

Radiant Red: I define this shade as a “Dulhan shade”. :P If you are attending a marriage one swipe is enough and if you are getting married you can probably apply 2-3 swipes.

Black Cherry: It’s a deep brownish red. It’s my Mom’s shade.  It’s apt for your evening dates and dinners.  For the day time you can skip this shade or may be experiment with mixing it with other shades or have a simple touch of the lippie. Women who love dark shades will love this one.  My Mom lives in this shade practically. 

Ripe Plum: This was an inspirational pick after seeing one of the Make up Gurus wear it in her tutorial. I was scared when I saw the lippie, it looked horrendous I mean a thick dark purple with shimmer. :P

But after swatching it on my hand I relaxed and after I applying it on my lips I loved it. 

It’s a must pick if you wanna experiment with purple lips. You will love it. 

My experience with the Oriflame Pure Color On The Go Lipsticks:

The colors available with this range are truly awesome, I mean at such dirty price finding such colors is a total win win for me.  Not just this, the lippies are completely smooth and glides on the lips like magic.  

The staying power of these lippies is not that good, but I got a trick to make them stay back on your lips for long hours.

All you need to do is use a chapstick on your lips first and use a foundation, concealer or a simple compact powder over the moisturized lips.

After this, apply a coat of the lippie on the lips and then blot it out with a tissue. Then apply the second coat and you are good to go.

You can also line your lips with a matching lip liner if you wish too. 

I hope you liked my short and sweet review on these lippies and I hope that my tip helps all those who are complaining with the staying power of these lippies or rather any other lipsticks.


  1. Nice Review :) I liked rich red and black cherry the most .. lovely colors in affordable price

  2. thanks :) always wanted to know about them

  3. I want to join oriflame anybody know how much i can get? Currently i am buying from at 40% discount. Can i get 40% discount or more after join oriflame. Please let me know.