Tuesday, March 22, 2011

The Nature’s Co- Mango Mandarin Body Mist- Review

Hello Ladies,

I am back with a nice summery fruity review. 

The Nature’s Co sent my two products for reviewing, these are a part of their recent launches. Today I will be revewing the Mango Mandarine Body Mist, for all my beautiful readers. 

I have been using this mist for about a week now, and it has certainly made my summers a bit more fragrant and scented.  I hereby declare it to be the “officially made for summer” body mist. 

I have been using products by The Nature’s Co for quite some time, and the best part about it is it a Vegan as well as cruelty free , eco friendly brand. 

The Mango Mandrine Body Mist belongs to the Starrize range of the Nature’s Co. The Starrize range is inspired by the sun, the biggest star in our solar system. Like the sun, the products provide nourishment. But at the same time, they protect, especially against harmful radiation and its effects. Setting you up with the sparkle and energy to face the day.

Product Claim (Product/website) :
Our Mango Mandarin Body Mist is fresh and invigorating. Thisrich tropical blend of sweet mango and crisp Mandarin with citurs ntes is completely energizing! Mist on this soothing mix with moisturizing Aloevera right after shower or bath. Don’t apply on cuts or inflamed skin. Keep away from flame or high heat.
Price and quantity:
475 INR for 100 ml93.4 fl Oz)

The Nature’s Co outlets, or you can buy it online HERE.
Blend of essential oil- 5%
Aloevera extract-5%
Vitamin E-1%
Vegetable glycerine-2%
W/S base, food grade colors and hill spring water.

About the product:
I am in love with it. (Not exagerrating) I mean my search for a perfect body mist for summers ends wiith the Mango Mandarine Body Mist. 
As soon as I open the bottle to spray , I am energized with this invigorating fresh, citrus scent. The key note is dominated by a mango-like perfume, but the subordinate notes are basically fruity and flowery. 

It has a very sweet fragrance to it, it almost smells like an mango candy stick.  Perfect for summers. People like me who love flowery fruity scents as compared to strong “cologne” type scents will relish this buy. 

What I like about the Mango Mandarin Body Mist:


The smell is super fruity and fresh, People who do not like fruity scents STAY AWAY.

Just a spray works the whole day for me. :) I mean I am out for like 6 hours a day and the scent does subside but is never GONE.

It stays for a good -7 hours. :)It fades away leaving behind a very pleasant fragrance. :)

The first note is definitely Mango, but the heart notes are basic fruit and flower scents. :)

Perfect for summers, nor too heavy neither too light.

Does what a body mist should do, the scent lingers around without being to heavy. :)

100 ml goes a long way. :)

Vegan and cruelty free!!

Why I do not like the Mango Mandarin Body Mist:

I do not really have any con for this product, It may be too fruity scented for people who do not like fruity scents. :(

Repurchase/ Recommendation: Yes I would repurchase it, since I am in love with it. I would recommend it to everyone who's looking for a nice body mist, if you want to make your summers scented and fresh go ahead and pick your Mango Mandarin Body Mist. :)

Rating: 5/5

You can also buy this online HERE.

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Disclaimer: This product was sent by the company PR for review purposes. :)


  1. I am sure it smells wonderfully!!
    mandarin leaves such a kind,elegant &district smell of freshness!


  2. U bet it Caramellista...it smells DIVINE!!!:)

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