Saturday, March 5, 2011

A new section!! The worst dressed celebrities! :)

Hello Ladies,

From today on I will be having a new post everyday on the worst dressed celebrities irrespective of their belongingness to the Hollywood or Bollywood.

In these posts we will definitely understand what not to do to look good. :P

So the first post is dedicated to Mrs Aishwarya Rai Bachchan.

She has to be on some international red carpet like this. The supposed Miss world got this soooo sooo wrong this time. :(

I don't know what was she thinking here. I mean was she forced to go on this event? Or she was gunned down to attend it. I think this happened a few years ago but this happened. :P

Have a look at the make up. I mean she barely has worn the right make up, the hair are soo "sakhoo bai" types.

All and all, bad hair, bad make up and bad clothes, and not to forget bad footwear.
The global face of India turned to a parrot at this event.

What's your say on these pictures?


  1. yuckk!!!
    i never saw this dress of hers...she looks so stupid:))

  2. yeah...she was condemned so much during that time for her fashion sense...the one thing I don't understand is who would have liked this dress...I do think that even those people do consult whats best to wear with their friends and family....

  3. that's what even I was wondering..that what was she actually thinking... :(

  4. no actually she got brain damaged:))))

  5. god knows kya hua tha..... :( .....she's such a disaster here na..

  6. hi, your blog is great, too! please follow me and I'll follow you back :)

  7. i soooooo agree with u! this was during her visit to the cannes film festival na? poor her! :P Shwe totally made a fool of herself!

  8. I knw and supposedly she is representing India....bahhhhhhhh