Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Liz Earle Naturally Active Skin Care- Product Preview!!

Hello Ladies,

Here's a preview to the Liz Earle Naturally Active Skin Care- Cleanse & Polish™ Hot Cloth Cleanser which was sent to me by the Company PR. :)

Andrea is a complete sweetheart, she got the product so well and sent it along a nice lovely note too. I was sent a travel size tube of a multi award-winning Cleanse & Polish Hot Cloth Cleanser to try along with a fine muslin cloth. The tube is so royally wrapped that I didn't even feel like peeling off the cover. :P Andrea also sent me her product guide and the latest issue of the newsletter.

About the company:

In 1995, our co-founders Liz Earle and Kim Buckland extended their long friendship into a business partnership. Liz and Kim met at the start of their careers when they both worked together before embarking on different paths within the beauty industry. Liz, through her in-depth research, became a specialist in botanical ingredients, natural health and well being. As a beauty editor, author of over 30 books and TV presenter, she became a well-known and respected authority in these areas. Kim meanwhile, gained vast experience in the management of the manufacture, packaging, retail and marketing of cosmetics.

Kim realised that there was an opportunity for a trusted beauty specialist within the skincare market; for someone with a genuine knowledge of 'naturally active' ingredients to develop a product range and provide expert advice and tips on beauty and health issues. Kim rang Liz and asked her if she had ever thought of launching her own range of products - and the rest is history!

Kim and Liz decided to develop a product range that really worked, was pampering yet affordable, simple to use and for everyone - no matter what their age or skin type. They were determined to use the best possible naturally active ingredients, which inspired the name Naturally Active Skincare. They also set down clear principles from the outset that included a genuine commitment to quality and service for our customers. From the integrity of the ingredients and the friendly voice on the phone, to the way each individual product is beautifully hand tissue-wrapped and the in-depth advice our customer care team provide. We are all passionate about adhering to these principles.

From the start, there was a great deal of interest in the range with a number of mentions in well-known magazines helping to spread the word about our products. Customers who tried our skincare also loved it and were soon coming back for more and telling all their friends and family too.

In 1996 the range was launched on QVC, the TV home shopping channel - and our first product sold out within half an hour! In 1998, our Customer Centre and Customer Care team were established on the Isle of Wight. Union, our unique shop opened in Ryde in 2001, with our online shopping website going 'live' in 2002. 2006 saw the opening of our London shop.

I have just begun using this product, I will be reviewing it for you guys soon.

In the mean while check out the official website of the Liz Earle Products HERE.

Thank You Andrea for the lovely note!!


  1. I love leanse & Polish Hot Cloth Cleanser, i hope you will enjoy it too

  2. ehy Sarah nice to see you around.. :)

    I am loving it as of now.. :)