Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Going for a party- slip in your white clothes the Celeb's way!!

White is obviously an "evergreen" color, I mean you do not need an occasion to wear white clothes, shoes or accessories, a white tee/shirt on a denim is my favorite way of wearing white!! :)

Here's how the Celeb's wear whites!!

What's your favorite way of wearing white?


  1. All of them..seriously they all look stunning!

  2. they r all orgeous,love wearing wite tops/shorts&jeans

    btw thanx for passing by my blog&ur lovely comment,appreciate it,am folowing u now!Nice blog too

  3. i love white too....specially during summers :)

  4. loved all the pics :)
    me too love white kurtis :D


  5. @fashionmakeuplifestyle glad you liked'em...hw do u prefer wearing whites?

    @Sher thanks for stopping by Sher... ..

    @Jahn I know white is like soo soothing in summers na?

    @Bee thanks me i too love white kurtis and tees :)