Saturday, March 5, 2011

Pond’s daily face wash- active cleansing system- Review

Hello Beauties,

I am back, was in an anniversary hangover all these days. :P

Today I am reviewing the Pond’s daily face wash- active cleansing system .

To start of with I have been using it for like 2 months now, and I am in love with it. I know its been like 2 months and I should have reviewed it earlier but then, I belive in testing and trying the product thoroughly before give an opinion about it.

Here’s why I love it. 

Product claim:

The first step in facial care for soft, smooth skin. For clean and soft skin that glows. Suitable for normal, dry, oily and combination skin types.
• Thoroughly cleanses skin without leaving slippery feeling on skin.
• Cleans skin. 100% soap free formula with rich lather penetrates and removes deep rooted dirt, leaving your skin cleaner and smoother.
• Gentle on skin. Active Cleansing System cleans gently and cares for your skin better than soap.

Price and quantity: 65 INR around 1.5 USD for 100 g

About the product:

Pond’s as a brand is trusted by the world for its dependable and effective products. This product is no different.

Pond’s daily face wash- active cleansing system is a daily face wash. It has a refreshing fragrance (I love the fragrance). 

The face wash is very gently and appears milky white gel-like (I couldn’t describe it better). 

A tiny bit of the product does its job greatly. 


The packaging of the product is refreshingly fresh looking (You see the light green lid and the design; I resemble it to something fresh and cool). 

The tube has a flip lid which ensures non messy discharge of the product. 


Water, sodium, laureth sulfate, glycerin, cocamidropropyl betaine, cocamide MEA, perfume, sodium carboxymethyl cellulose, titanium dioxide, methyl paraben, dimethiconol & TEA dodecylbenzenesulfonate,DMDM hydantoin, tocopheryl acetate, propyl paraben, guar hydroxypropyltrimonium chloride,BHT, tetrasodium EDTA, glycol distearate

How to use it (Packaging):

Splash water on the face and apply face wash on the face and neck. Rinse off. Pat dry. If face wash gets into your eyes, rinse well with water.

My version of using it: Use it as you use your other normal face washes. :P

Why I like the Pond’s daily face wash- active cleansing system:

• Easy on pocket.
• Available easily.
• Smells awesome.
• Suits all skin types. I say this because I and my mom have been using it, Mom has an oily skin and I have a combination skin (Sometimes acne prone). This product did not break me out, and neither did make my Mom’s skin oily or excessively dry. 
• It’s not drying.  Even for my combination skin. 
• After washing my face I can feel it is actually clean, I mean you get a clean clean feeling. 
• It’s soap free. 
• I “had to” apply moisturizer after baths and washing face, but with this face wash, I need not do it since it had Vitamin E and glycerin, which keep the face moisturized.
• I can see my face glow and can also feel how soft and supple it leaves my skin. One more thing it doesn't really stick to your skin, gets off easily leaving your skin clean. :)
• Apt for daily normal regular daily use. :P
• Easy to carry around. 

Why I don’t like the Pond’s daily face wash- active cleansing system:

This is the only con of the product.

• Contains parabens. 

Re-purchase and recommendation:

Definitely yes, as you can see I already have a back up for the product.  It’s my HG face wash now. And I would recommend it to all the ladies who are in a look out for a good effective face wash.

4/5 ( -1 for parabens)

Hope this review helps all you beauties in picking the right product. 


  1. i used d pink one n it broke me nw m scared of ponds :\

  2. The facial foam..yes even I don't like it.....I guess you have a bit of a dry really sucks up the skin resulting in break outs.... :(

    this one is nice...try it..sachi :)

  3. Looks like a nice product :) Will definitely check this out sometime :)

  4. me too wanted to have this product but then i saw the himalaya neem fw and went for it.... tempted after ur review and so desparately waiting for this one to get over..

  5. ehheeehe try it Priya
    its worth every penny :)

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  7. at d price i wud say its a steal zeebs...!! nice review..!! :)

  8. Its a must try product Nupur You will love it trust me :)

  9. hi zeeba same pinch.
    this is my favorite face wash and am currebtly using it. yried so many face washes befre ponds blue one , was drying out my face. then I bought lakme pink coloured tube it really dried my skin. then I bought the ponds green tube. I love the consistency of the face wash . u r true it s to good. i felt it has got the consistency of cetaphil cleanser too mild too.
    loved loved loved it. I ll keep buying the same till find aanother moisturizing face wash.

  10. thanks Sumi,
    I 'm glad you liked's an awesome pick at the price. :)

  11. I had pink it dries out skin..:(

  12. I found the pink one much better.I found this too slippery.But the price is damn good.I just reviewed the pink one :)