Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Vega foot mouse- Review and Pictures!!

Got cracked heels, rough heels? Chapping or blistering feet? Looking for a good remedy, I got something to share with you.

Actually this product is used by my parents, both Mum and Dad, and I am not saying this for the heck of it, but it truly works.  Read on to know how.

Product claims:

Magical foot file for amazing, soft feet. This miraculous foot mouse with more than 130 precision micro files gently removes callus and dead skin making your feet smooth and healthy. The dynamic design is very user friendly making it easy to hold and use. It removes the dry skin filings and collects in it. It is so small that it fits in the palm of your hand.

Price: Rs 175 around 4 USD

Availability: In beauty stores or cosmetic retail shops across the country

About the product:

When I first saw it I found it almost similar to my laptops mouse. It’s so cute and I have to tell you all that it is so wisely designed too. It’s a multi purpose product. 

The Vega foot mouse comes in 5 main units:

Top cover
Bottom cover
Emery pad
Precision micro file
Pumice stone

How to use it:

Always clean your feet properly before using the foot mouse, it works best on clean and moist feet.

Using the metal filing surface:

Firstly place the metal filing surface on the top cover of the foot mouse and hold it facing downwards.

Now gently start rubbing the foot mouse against the dead skin of your feet in back and forth action, to remove the dead skin of the area.

Keep on doing the said action, until you feel that callus has been removed. Make sure you don’t overdo the action, making it irritated and sore.

Once you have completed the said action, turn the foot mouse upside down and remove the top cover of the foot mouse. Empty all the dead skin shavings from the top cover into the bin.

Clean the foot mouse with water and further clean it with dry cloth.

Using the emery pad:

You can even use the emery pad on delicate area for the finishing and smoothing.

I use it for shaping my nails.  It’s super efficient for shaping nails. 

Affix the self adhesive pad to the outside of the bottom cover and place it on the foot mouse.

Hold the foot mouse in your palm and move gently over skin area to be cleaned. Be sure not to over do, or irritation may occur.

Using the Pumice stone:

The Pumice stone helps in exfoliating your dead skin. It can also be used for cleaning and smoothing the soles of the feet.

Soak your feet in water before using the pumice stone.

For best results, wash and moisturize your feet after use.

How to take care of the foot mouse:

Remove the covers after use

Clean all the pieces with luke warm soapy water, this ensure hygiene.

Make it towel dry after every use or else it may stink and won’t be apt for using the next time.

Place both the covers back on the foot mouse.

Store in dry place.

Things to care for:

Do not share the foot mouse, may cause infections and skin afflictions. (My parents do share it, but they make sure they clean it nicely.)

Do not use the metal file if it rusts or stains, it may cause injury.

Do not use it if you have wounds or blisters on the skin.

Why I like the Vega foot mouse:


It’s designed with wits. I liked how the shaving of the dead skin gets collected in the top cover. I mean that’s innovative. 

It’s multipurpose. 3-in-1. My parents use it for their feet; I use the emery pad for filing and shaping my nails. 

It can be carried along anywhere easily. It’s handy.

Cleanliness and hygiene is not a problem with the foot mouse, since every unit is detachable which enables it to be clean and hygienic. 

The precision micro file, is not at all harsh on the skin, it does its job very harmoniously.

It is easily available.

What I do not like about the Vega foot mouse:

There’s nothing in particular what I hate about the product. It has only one con that is, if the emery pad is spoilt you have to get another mouse. 

Repurchase/ recommendation:

Yes, I will repurchase it for my parents, since they love it now and I would recommend it to all the people who are looking for a nice remedy for cracked heels. 

4.5/5 (0.5 deducted for the emery file part)

You can also visit VEGA’s official site, HERE.

You can also mail them all your queries here:

You can call them on their Customer care No +91-9717393745
What do you think about this product?

Disclaimer: This product was sent by the Company PR for review purposes


  1. Zeeba, This looks like a nice product bcoz of the multipurpose benefits. :-)

  2. zeeba nice review... i have seen this in a shop near home...now i will buy this...:)

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