Thursday, March 10, 2011

Worst Dressed Celebrity- Kesha at the MTV awards!

hello Ladies,

I am back with a disastrous celebrity yet again!! :P

These are the pictures of our beloved Kesha at the MTV award, 2010.

When I saw these pictures I simply couldn't recognize her!!

I mean I love "TikTok" and my phone rings with " We are who we are" , but Kesha whats with the look.

We all know you are young, vibrant and energetic, but this goes over board!!

Painted face, neon green outfit, and painted legs. !!!! ???

This is possibly one of the most biggest fashion disasters I have ever seen!!

What do you people think?


  1. goodness! this is atrocious!!! bdw, I've finally announced the giveaway!! enter soon!:*

  2. She looks AWFUL. Gosh! You think with all that money she'd hire a stylist ;)

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    T & J