Thursday, March 17, 2011

Makari Clarifying antiseptic soap- Review and pictures

Hello Beauties,

I am back; remember I shared Makari products few days back with you’ll, here. I have been using their products for around 10 days now, so I thought that I can share my views on the same with all you ladies now. 

Today I am reviewing Makari’s Clarifying antiseptic soap.

Product Claim:

Thanks to its natural properties, this triple action soap is designed to effectively brighten, cleanse and even tone the skin while providing resurfacing benefits. Gentle enough to use daily, this unique formula has ingredients designed to lighten and protect the skin with topical anti-oxidants as it helps condition the skin and retain its moisture level. The soap offers an ideal treatment to prepare the skin for the enhanced effectiveness of the entire range of Makari de Suisse Skin clarifying products.

Price: Rs 800 for 200 g. (The soap which was sent to me was a sample piece of 30g)

Availability: You can buy them online, here.

Ingredients: Sodium Palmate, sodium palm kernelate, aqua, glycerin, mulberry, root extract, elaesis guineensis kernel acid, elaesis guineensis acid, triclocarban, parfum sodium chloride, prunus armeniaca kernel extract, tetrasodium EDTA, tetrasodium etidronate

About the product:

Makari has a whole range of skin whitening, anti aging and skin care products.  You can check their site here. I am quiet satisfied with their creams too, will be reviewing them soon too. 

All the Makari products have an active ingredient called Vegeclarine, which is 100% natural and acts as a cleansing and skin whitening agent.
Makari’s Clarifying antiseptic soap is an exfoliating bar which can be used for baths or just face too. I found the soap way too cute to be washed away; I found it like a barfi. :P It comes in this hexagonal shape. 

How to use the Makari’s clarifying antiseptic soap:

Use daily in the bath or shower. For maximum effect of the soaps whitening properties please keep lather on for at least 5 minutes. (In brief use it as your normal soap)

Why I like Makari’s Clarifying antiseptic soap:
• I loved the shape. 
• The soap has a very pleasant smell; it leaves a lingering smell for like 2-3 hours after using it.
• The soap is not very harsh on the skin; I mean being an exfoliator it doesn’t really harm your skin.
• It didn’t cause any break outs to me, I have a sensitive acne prone skin so new products tend to irritate my skin or cause pimples; this didn’t do anything as such. 
• I have been using the soap twice a day and I seriously find my skin one shade lighter. 
• It’s suitable for all skin types, I can say this, since I, my Mom and my younger brother , all of us use it, and all have different skin types. 
• It doesn’t dry out my skin which using happens after scrubbing and exfoliating.  So I need not moisturize my skin after washing my face with it. 

Why I do not like the Makari’s Clarifying antiseptic soap:

• The price. 
• The availability.
• If rubbed harshly on the skin, especially on the face, may cause irritation.

Repurchase/recommendation: Yes, I would repurchase it, for my Mom, and I recommend this to all the women who are looking for a skin whitener or a smooth and not at all harsh exfoliator. 

Rating: 4/5 (-1 for availability and price)

Now here's something good for all the readers, You can avail a discount of 25% on all your purchases till 31st March along with free shipping, just enter the code "MAK995".

You can click HERE, to check their products.

You can also like their page on Facebook and avail great offers and discounts by clicking HERE.

Will you try this product?


  1. Hi, wow your blog is load and gorgeous! thank u so much for sharing this soap with us. sounds convincing! I might try to go to the link and check it out:)

  2. check their products they are worth a try :)

    @Bhumkia It looks like a barfi no?

  3. wow Zeeba i liked the way u compared it with burfi ...ha ha ha
    but i beleive this is too expensive .


  4. thanks for sharing zeeba!
    i have always been interested in purchasing makari products but was not sure if its good!!! and also cos its costly!!
    but now that its on discount i m surely gonna try!

    just a few quest...
    does it dry skin?
    does it last long?
    like since its so costly wondering how often i will need to repurchase it?
    are you seriously one shade lighter? does it lighten spots/blemishes?

  5. Hi Flamante,

    welcome to my have a whole lot of queries ... :) glad to answer'em :)

    Firstly, let me be honest, I was reluctant on the product working on my skin since I have a super sensitive acne prone skin, even a one time use of a wrong product causes serious irritation and break outs to me, but I was a bit convinced with Makari, since they have these natural ingredients too... :)

    this soap doesn't dry out skin, i have a combination skin, and my mum has an oily skin and my brother has dry skin, it didnt dry out either of our skins. :)

    the soap is working fine with us, since 2 weeks noiw,,its just a 30gms piece,but all three of us wash our faces atleast once a day with us, I think the soap will last for 2 more weeks for us. :) Keep it dry but, I mean dnt let it erode with water. :)

    It has helped me keep off the tan .....I mean I tan real quick and being out for hours together does tan my skin irrespective of me using a sunblock or no. :(

    I come back home and wash my face with it, it leaves my skin spak clean. :)

    I am wheatish like more on the lighter shade, since I have started using it I feel it has lightened my skin. :) It has helped my brother too.

    Acne marks, I had few on my chin they have brother has acne problem, he's happy with the results, they have not gone off completely but yes lightened for the good. :)

    I hope this helped.

    I just wish it works for you the same way as it worked for us.

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