Sunday, March 6, 2011

Worst dressed celebrity of the day- Britney Spears

Hello Beauties,

Today's worst dressed celebrity is Britney Spears.

These photos were taken at the Grammy Awards 2010. Ms Spears, obviously is wearing a elite designer brand Dolce & Gabbana, but I couldn't understand what she is wearing and why is she wearing that, to an award function??

Ms Spears, still seems high after her choice of outfit at an prestigious award function.

I liked her make up, it very apt and complimenting the black color of the outfit,her hair are fine too.

I loved her pumps. Check'em. :)

I just wonder what that fish net sought of thing is doing over her outfit, or instead what is the outfit itself doing at the Grammy awards. :(


  1. ohh..yes she is looking good by face,,,but not the was not meant for the award function:)))

  2. Maybe she could have worn a longer dress ;D

  3. @kriti I know it's a complete miss-fit

    @dandyde I know :P