Thursday, June 30, 2011

Travelling, Exams, some more updates!!

Hello my beautiful readers,

Before anything else I need to APOLOGIZE, I know I have been playing up since the past 3 months now, but things just ain’t in my control……….

Firstly, my migration, then settling down and then my exams, everything has been sooo crazy and I have been in a shuttle cock amidst all this, I mean there isn’t anything which I could miss out or take lightly..  and the consequences, my blog suffers.

I mean I was due for updating the blog with a new domain and template, which was almost done, but at the last minute, luck showed up, I had to hurry back for my exams, I do not have proper internet connection now, till 24th july ( that’s when the exams end).

I cross my heart when I say I miss you all and ofcourse my blog. I need to be in a good frame of mind to update my blog, since I cannot write just for the sakes of it. 

I am wishing that things get back to normal soon, and I get off this roller coaster ride.  I have been pining to write and have a normal routine.

Last but not the least I thank all my subscribers and followers for the support they have shown, I continue to receive mails and requests from you all which seriously means a lot. I also thank all PR’s for supporting me and bearing up with me, I have your products with me and I will be reviewing them soon.  I really really need to thank you guys!! 

I will be back soon, say by August 1st week, I will keep updating the blog as and when I find time.

Thank You and love you all.!!!

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  1. Take your time doll and we'll be here waiting for you. Good luck with absolutely everything.

    <3 Marina