Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Lotus Herbals New launch- 10 new additions to the colorDEW nail enamels

Hello Lovelies,

Lotus Herbals has launched 10 new colors to their existing colorDEW range of nail enamels.

The colorDEW range already has 23 vibrant shades, the new 10 shades are definitely a pleasant surprise for all the users.

The shades with their codes:
99- perfect peach
90-red chilly
86-deep sea
97-nutty love
88-dark champaigne
85-purple star
84-brownie glaze
98-pink doll
87-plum delight
89-play full pink

The USP of the colorDEW range is:

natural and safe
fast drying
acetone, toluene and DBP free
smooth application
sturdy and flat brush

Price: 99 INR for 8ml

You can also visit Lotus Herbal official website by clicking here

Please note: These new shades are just an addition to the existing ranges of 23 colorDew nail enamels, it is not a completely new range. :)

Disclaimer: This info was sent by the company PR, these new shades will be available at your nearest Lotus counters soon. :)


  1. arey but these are not new na? :P

  2. the range is old itself..these are new additions to the old range. :)

  3. wow!! I am really liking this. the first blue is very similar to something i had from Diana of London and its gotten old and gooey.. so I'm definitely going to get this plus the pinks are beautiful! and I AM GETTING THE GREY!!!!! been looking for a matte grey forever!:P thanks for putting this up. :)

  4. Oyeee welcome Ikky... :) I loved the whole range personally, I can't choose one. :(

  5. hehe ever tried this? dries quick? my only concern with nailpaints! is a painnnnnn to sit and wait for it to dry!:P:(

  6. I was gifted one of the old colors ..and they did dry quick.....I am also those impatient kinds..... :)

    These colors are sooo tempting I can't wait.... :)

  7. hehe yeah.. then they are perfecttt! me want!! :D:P

  8. absolutely Sara...they are are sooooper sssaassssy.. :)

  9. also have u tried Lotus nail paints lately? if u have which is ur fav one?

  10. I have heard lots of +ive reviews about their nail paints .. I would love to give them a try !! this was very helpful Zeeba

  11. yes Shalini they have nice reviews and they are nice naice enamels... :)

    which colors u liked?

  12. These are really good! I love 'Candy drop' and 'Cozy Mulberry' from prev collection.

  13. zeebs, u have tempted me to try lotus nail paints... i dnt hav evn one...!! :(

  14. hehehe Nupur.....you shud have one. :) they are suuuper prettty :)