Monday, February 28, 2011

Chumbak- redefining creativity

Hello Beauties,

:) Hope you all are Pink in health.

Today I got back to work with some serious "long-pending" tasks to do list, and this is one of them, I have been drooling over all the products by Chumbak since over a month, but somehow couldn't really share it with you all due to my super super hectic schedule. :(

But now here I am, I am sure you would love all the products I am sharing with you people, and why won't you all of them are super cute, super creative and dirty cheap. :)

So hold back to your seats and enjoy all of them (you can Google out Chumbak store locations later)

But before I start I have to tell you how I stumbled on these gorgeous and artistic goodies. Chumbak has a whole range of extremely gorgeous goodies, from notepads, mouse pads, kitchens, mugs to coasters, bookmarks, gift wrapping papers and even Boxers. :P

And moreover they have a whole range of handmade soaps which are colorful (yeyyyy..i loved colored soaps) and beautifully packaged. I fear I'll end up putting them up on my hall-wall instead of using them. They are super adorable.

I happened to see them on Vinita's blog and that very moment fell for them. :)

A few days later I just got all the info and pictures of all the goodies in my inbox through the Chumbak Page on Facebook

SO here you go enjoy all the gooodies...and you can get hold of your favorite one... :) I am waiting for my next visit to Goa or Pune to get hold of these....I am also linking the location of all the Chumbak stores across the country do check with it so that you do not miss out on them like I did and let me know from where are you picking your Chumbak goodies. :)

Here's the link to the location page. Click

I have uploaded just a few goodies so that I don't drive you crazy and desperate. :P

You can also buy these goodies online. Click here.

I hope all you ladies loved the goodies, and I am sure many of you will be rushing to Chumbak stores :)

Do let me know what you picked, would love to hear from all you beauties. :)


  1. hi zeeba, i also saw them on vinita's blog and me too went crazy for them! :P they r so colorful and pretty, na? fortunately, we hav some chumbak shops in kolkata here. i hav plans to buy something.:D i hate paying the shipping costs actually.

  2. absolutely Bulbul..they are super cute.... :)

    nice u have a place to buy lemme knw wat u pick :)

  3. Hey there,
    That is just the sweetest thought. I'm from Chumbak and wanted to say thanks for the post:)

  4. you are welcome Alicia, and thanks for giving us such awesome stuff. :)

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