Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Miss Claire Eyeshadow Review and Swatches

Hellow ladies….I am back with yet another review. I believe, the price of the product doesn’t really matter, what matters is the product’s quality and results. The high end products are usually gifts and very financially planned ones. 

Today I am reviewing one such pocket friendly product. The Miss Claire Eyeshadow- Black and bronze.

I bought them recently, and guess what on the day when I bought them; one of them fell down and broke. I mean the packaging is still sturdy and fine but the content of the bronze shade, ahem ahem.  Broke. 

Shades: Miss Claire Eyeshadow Black- 0819
Miss Claire Eyeshadow Bronze- 0252

About the product: Miss Claire is supposedly a Korean brand, which just super affordable products with a good quality. They have their own line of almost all the cosmetics.  I chose the eyeshadows, actually I had been looking for these eyeshadow pans for quite some time now, especially seeing them on Gia’s blog.  I love you Gia for sharing them with everyone. 

The Miss Calire eyeshadow pans are almost the size of the one rupee coin. And totally adorable, they look so cute. 

There’s a long long list of contents behind the choti si dibbi. I find it totally useless to read, for an eyeshadow, I mean with glosses and lipsticks it’s all good. 

The best ingredient from the long list is the Jojoba oil, yes it does contain jojoba oil and the rest are oxides and sulphates. 

Price and quantity:

Rs130 for 2gms (I got amazing discounts on both the pans, I bought them for Rs 200 means, Rs 100 each)

The shades and the swatches:

Miss Claire Eyeshadow Black- 0819:

The Miss Claire Black eyeshadow is totally a fantasy shade. It’s spunky and chic but yet classy. I mean it is highly pigmented with small specs of silver and blue glitters. It spreads evenly and doesn’t crease at all, I mean at all. It’s a perfect one for all those smokey eyes looks. 

You can easily get your chic looks done with this shade. Not just this, you can also have all your elegant and classy looks done with this pan. 

Miss Claire Eyeshadow Bronze- 0252:

The Miss Claire Eyeshadow Bronze eyeshadow, is one of the sophisticated bronzed brown shades. It has a very fine and shimmery finish. Small specs of brownish glitter give a perfect and sassy finish to all your looks. 

Be it wedding or a formal meeting, this shade can certainly take your make up to a different level altogether. 

What I like about the product?

• Affordability. Too good for their price.
• Packaging, super super cute. I keep staring at the dibbi. 
• The shades are darn pigmented.
• Soft and smooth textures. (The jojoba oil works, you see)
• They blend well. 
• Miss Claire doesn’t really have a bad record with it’s cosmetics, so I can say, they are reliable. (We always tend to ignore the Chinese and Korean brands, poor things).
• All that glitters is Miss Claire. I love the classy glitter and shimmer it has.
• They do not crease. Strictly.
• A good good color payoff, plus a goooooood staying power. They sit on your lids for hours. 
• You can skip applying a primer or a base for them. They look good when applied on virgin lids too.
• No fallout at all.

What I hate about the product?

Certainly, nothing. Nothing at all.
Most of my products don’t really have cons. 


You can find them in all most all the beauty stores, and also the shops dealing with imported cosmetics.
A product worth your money and a sure hit for the pocket. 



  1. the colors r pretty..i have miss claire lip pencil..n dats nice too..

  2. the colors are quite pretty & pigmented bhumika...awesome picks..try them... :)

  3. oh, the colors are fab!! im buying these 2 soon!! :P too bad that the brown got broken. :(

  4. aaaaah..i knw...do try them...and lemme knw of all the shades u pick. :)

  5. wow i got myself two of them , one khaki n another brown matte. Kinda loving them!

  6. I know.they are so adorable na.... :) i too love them..i wish u cud share the shades wid us..

  7. wow, these shades look very pigmented! Great review! xo

  8. can anyone tell me where I can find miss clair make up in kolkata?

  9. HI gals..
    my favour color shade of miss claire is 0235...Could anyone help me purchase it as tht color is unavailable in hyderabad.