Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Crea Clip- Review and pictures!!!

Hellow Beauties,

I hope you all are doing Fab and out of the Valentiney Mood. :P

I am sorry I have been missing since then, I have been soo soo plain lazy... :P

Anyways I am back and yes, to assure with a bang!!!!

Today I am gonna be reviewing one of the most coolest and evolutionary products I have come across. This is gonna be such a blessing for lazy ladies like me. :)

Today I'd be reviewing the Crea Clip for you all. :)

Firstly I'd like to thank Mai, for being such a sweetheart by sending me the product across for reviewing it. Thanks A lot Mai.


Getting back to the Crea Clip, I am sure all you ladies are gonna love this product.

I got this product like in 7 days from Mai,USA. (the shipping is super prompt.)

The Crea Clip comes in a very sturdy and cute packaging. The packet include 2 Crea Clips, the blue one for the bangs and fringes, whilst the white one is for your long hair and layered hair.

About the product: Crea Clip is an award winning product for women beauty and hair care.

Its basically for hair trimming, and hair cutting. You can have amazing perfect bangs/fringes and even layers in your hair using these clips and the best part you can do it yourself at home. :)

The package contains two clips as I mentioned above. The clips are made up of hard plastic and does not have any metallic parts, which means no ways that your hair will get stuck in them or you get split ends.

The clips also adjust adjusts itself to the thickness of the hair and keep them firm and tight for precise cuts.

The leveler on the clip ensures that you have a flawless trim or hair cut every time. So you need not do the trial and error thing while cutting your hair, you can easily get sharp angles, bangs, fringes, layers and numerable hair cuts with these clips, as you know beauty can be accentuated with creativity.

The lock of the clip keeps it secure, and ensures the grip of your hair.

Both the clips, have teeth within them which ensures grip and firmness to your hair, the blue clip has close teeth whereas the white one has sparse teeth. These teeth help in evenly combing out the hair for perfect results.

Price: $29.99 on special offer. (Original price $39.99)

Availability: You can order it online at, and you shall receive it in your mail within 7 days. It comes with a 30 day money back guarantee.

Instructions for using the Crea clip:

Use on clean, dry hair.
Use a mirror when cutting your own hair.
Comb out all the knots and tangles.
Use sharp haircutting scissors.
Sit or stand straight up before getting haircut.
The level is balanced when the bubble is between the two white lines.

Cleaning and storing the Crea Clip:

Clean after every use with toothbrush and shampoo.
Store in cool , dry place.
If the bubble in the level separates, simply tap the edge of the Creaclip lightly against the palm of your hand to merge the bubbles back together.

Why I liked the Creaclip:

Saves money and time.
Enables me to experiment, in a professional way.
Handy product I can slip it in my hand bag and carry it anywhere and everywhere.
Not at all complicated to use.
Long shelf life.
Worth the cost.

Why I didn't like the Creaclip:

Made for silky straight hair.
Curly haired women can use it but then they have to straighten their hair for using it.
Women with extremely curly hair can't use it. :(

Rating: 4/5

My verdict: A must pick for all the women, and not just women even men can use it for hair trimming. :)

For more details click on

My friend Deeptima has reviewed this product too, you can check it here.

You can check her hair cutting video using the Creaclip on her youtube channel. Here.

You can also clik on the company website here for more videos on using the Creaclip.

Mai is a real friendly person, you can connect with her on her Facebook page, here.

And here's the pic where you can see my chopped hair. I trimmed my bangs using the Creaclip.

Hair after trimming

I love the outcome :)
Hope this product helps all you beautiful ladies. For queries, comment below. :)

This product was sent by the company for review purposes, however my thoughts are unbiased and honest!


  1. zeeba what an awesome product ya...

  2. i'm scared of cutting my hair all by myself! but sounds good :)

  3. I was then I tried this and loved it!!

  4. if you hv chopped off so much of your hair thn obviously it must b

  5. i said i trimmed... :)

    it's undoubtedly a great money saver product do try it..

    much love

  6. love your haircut.. CreaClip is my best frnds now... hehehe.... thnx for adding my link !! :) <3 btw love the way you have explained everything !! <3

  7. thanks Deeptima..i hvae a razor -feather cut... :)

  8. Soo interesting! Very useful for all living on poor student budgets .cough. me. cough. Hair trims can be so expensive, no? :)

  9. I know....student life is broke... :P I soo love it...I go on trimming sprees for all my friends now. :)

  10. Can you cut a long layered bob with the creaclip?

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