Monday, February 28, 2011

Hello Beauties

Hello Beauties,

I am extremely sorry for being MIA for quite some time now, I have been a bit sick, a bit busy and have been travelling a lot these days, re-locating or migrating countries can be a pain. :(

But I am trying to buck up with my blogging too.... :) I am trying. :)

This whole month or may be the next too will be a roller coaster ride, so wish me luck and also bare wid me. :(

Blogging has been my love and will continue to be. :)


  1. Awww... I hope you're feeling better now, Zeeba.. you know it took me so much time to open your blog! phew! Take you time and get back with a bang.. bdw, I'm planning to hold a giveaway soon.. and all your suggestions are welcome! :)

  2. Hi zeeba,
    get well soon cutie :)
    Hope everything goes well!

  3. @Ik Sorry!! the blog was undergoing some issues at the backend. :( Now solved. :)

    @Gia I am all fine and good to go now. :) Thanks for the wishes.... :)

    Your comments mean a lot. :)