Thursday, March 24, 2011

The Nature’s Co Watermelon Exfoliating Body Wash- Review

Hello Ladies,

Today I am reviewing another cool summery product from The Nature’s Co, I will be sharing my views on the Watermelon Exfoliating Body Wash, by The Nature’s Co.

As soon as I hear or read “Watermelon” I get this cool and fresh feeling by default,watermelon is undoubtedly my favorite fruit. I mean it happens just so quick that I associate Watermelon with something which is so cool and refreshing, the same happened with me when the PR told me that they were to send me the Watermelon Exfoliating Body Wash.

And I must admit, I love it.

I used the Watermelon Exfoliating Body Wash from The Nature’s CoStarrize” range like for 2 weeks now, so I thought that I am educated enough to review it now.

Product Claim:

This luscious, juicy fruit is rich in vitamins and has antioxidants that help fight free radicals. Watermelon has high levels of fibers that provide moisturization and hydration. Walnut grits seeds gently complete body polishing treatment to eliminate blemishes and leave the skin clear, toned and glowing. In the shower or bath, spread the scrub over the entire body. Rub it in to exfoliate and then rinse well. It will leave you feeling smooth all over.

Price and quantity: 775 INR for 250 ml


Each 100g contains,

Watermelon Extract-3%
Walnut Grits-3%
Kiwi Seeds-1%
Gel Base, Aroma, Natural Preservatives and food grade colors (FD& C)
Products made using natural hill spring water.
Note: Some people may be sensitivve to the natural ingredients, used in this product.

Availability: The Nature's Co outlets, and you can also buy it online HERE.

About the product:

The Nature’s Co has an amazing range of personal care and wellness products, and all of their products atleast which ever I have used have exemplified as the best natural products ever, I like their ingredient list and pricing the most, and hence keep returning to the brand everytime.

To start of with , as soon as you open the flip flop cap of the bodywash you actually feel that this body wash is so refreshing, it smells so fresh and unsullied. The base note is the watermelon like scent whereas all the other notes are fresh and fruity ones (includes kiwi). It’s the best body wash for summers, it makes my summer showers more fresh and scented. 

Reasons to love The Nature’s Co Watermelon Exfoliating Body Wash:
• The price and quantity, 775 INR for 250 ml of the product is defiantely affordable.
• The body wash will last you for a while since not a lot of product is needed for each shower, very little quantity suffices.
• It lathers beautifully, I mean a body wash must lather right?
• The texture of the body wash is gorgeous, it’s a red gel with brown granules ( supposedly the walnut grits) and black kiwi seeds. The watermelon extracts leave a soothing scent post shower and the walnut granules and kiwi seeds ensure that the exfoliation is mild and effective.
• It’s not at all runny, and neither too thick. 
• The scent of the body wash surely lingers for around 2-3 hours after shower.
• The body wash leaves the body clean, smooth and definitely supple. You can feel the suppleness and softness of the clean skin after shower.
• Some body washes tend to make the skin dry leaving it patchy and flaky, this not at all does it, it leaves the skin nourished and moisturized.
• The ingredient list is clear “win” indication, at least for me.
• It’s vegan and cruelty free. 
• It’s not at all harsh on the skin, very mild and soothing.
• It’s for all skin types. 

Reasons to dislike The Nature’s Co Watermelon Exfoliating Body Wash:

I geniuinely find no cons for the product, I mean it totally stands by it’s claims and proves to be yet another outstanding product by The Nature’s Co .


Darn Yes, I will be using it through out summer and even after that. I recommend it to people who need a change with their body washes, and definitely to them who are looking for a nice summer body wash.

Rating: 5/5

Have you tried any products from The Nature's Co lately? If so which has been your favorite?

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Disclaimer: This product was sent by the PR.


  1. Zeeba, this body wash definitely looks like watermelon pulp left behind after its sieved for juice, I just had the juice :P. Nice review

  2. hehehheh..dats wat Uzma.. :)It nice btw..try it

  3. I really wish they open a store in hyderabad....or will have to visit delhi soon for that :(

  4. u cn buy it online too na..I have provided the link.

  5. yup but I don wanna waste money on shipping charges and anyway I'll have to go to Delhi in about three months time so will make it a point to visit this store...I went through their site and the range of products are amazing...

  6. I knwo I loved their product range....lemme know what u pick from Delhi..

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