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Natures Brilliance by Sue- Lipbalm review

Hello Ladies,

I surely mentioned about Susan’s Natures Brilliance cosmetics HERE.

Today I will be reviewing the lipbalm Susan sent me.

But before that a little about Susan and Natures Brilliance

Sue is the Sole Proprietor of Natures Brilliance By Sue. It is located on the East Coast in a small town in New Jersey. It was formed to help people locate products for their skin tone & skin type. Sue has dealt with multiple allergies for years and through persistance and exhaustive research has found a line of natural mineral make-up and organic skin and body care products suitable for all skin types, even those with multiple allergies. Nature's Brilliance By Sue will not sell any product that is not 100% Natural or Organic and has not been tested by the owner her self. Sue has a Diploma in both Holistic Beauty Therapy and Holistic Herbal Therapy; with Certificates in Reflexology, Aromatherapy, Bach Flower Remedies, Crystal Healing, and Business Development for the Alternative Health Therapist, from the Natural Health Institutes, based in Canada.

I am a sucker for lip balms, too many are too less for me when it comes to lip balms. I have used like all the possible brands of lip balms available around the globe. 
Susan sent me this lipbalm a while ago and I have eaten up around half of it. I sleep with a lip balm on and wake up with it; I basically live in a lip balm.
I mean the day I do not wear a lip balm is certainly when I am running out of stock or I have forgotten to carry it in my bag. 

Using lipbalm religiously is very important for having good lips, I mean it is a basic make up ethic, at least for me. I always have my lipbalm on before apply a lipstick or a lip gloss or a lip color irrespective of the time or season. 

About the product:

Natures brilliance is a 100% nature friendly brand. All of their products are naturally made, with no harmful chemicals and preservatives. Not just this, Susan ships internationally within 2-3 days and also has great offers and discounts available on her website, making the products affordable and a pleasure to have. 


$4 but available on sale for $3 for a full size tube (the product shown in the review is just a sample)


Pure Blueberry Fruit, Shea Butter, Jojoba, Natural Vitamin E, Organic Sunflower Oil, Castor Seed Oil, Olive Fruit Oil, Soybean Lipids, Cetyl Stearyl Alcohol (Vegetable Source), Vegetable Glycerin, Lecithin (Vegetable Source), Carnauba Wax, Candelillia Wax, Beeswax, Grapefruit Seed Extract, Essential Oils (EO), or Flavor Oils (FO).

Flavors available:

Sweet orange
Vanilla Icing
Tea Tree
Orange/ Cinnamon
Lemon Vanilla
Key lime pie
Citrus Blast
Cherry Cherry
Root Beer Float
Pinna Colada

Loads of Yummilicious shades to choose from. 

Susan sent me the “tangerine” lipbalm.

Reasons to like the lipbalm by Natures Brilliance:

• The first thing I sought for in a lip product is Vitamin E, I love my lips and I can’t see them pigmented, hence vitamin E is a must have ingredient.  This lip balm has it. 
• Affordable.  You get a pretty decent quantity for $3 , and goes a long way.
• The scent is not that heavy, I mean you get certain lip balms with heavy fragrances, like mint or peppermint; I like these scents only in my gums or mints, not on my lips. I recently got a product which has this strong mint smell. 
• The lip balm should be moisturizing, otherwise it is not a lip balm, I have used lip balms, which were only waxes on the name of lip balm, this lip balm is completely moisturizing. 
• I like tinted as well as clear lip balms, but the clear ones get more of my attention since I can use them below any lipstick shade.  The tangerine lipbalm sent to me by Susan is clear. 
• I got the lipbalm in a tiny winy tub; Susan has these lip balms in tube and sticks too. 
• Keeps my lips moist and soft.  Gives a healthy shine to my lips. :)
• My chapped lips are gone.  ( I am using it since winters now)
• Some Lip balms tend to melt and bleed this doesn’t. 
• The ingredients- you simply can’t miss out on this one after reading the ingredient list.  These lipbalms, contain Natural Vitamin C which is known as an antioxidant. :)

Reasons to dislike lipbalm by Natures Brilliance:

Absolutely nothing!! 


I will try out her other flavors pretty soon. Also I recommend it to all you lip balm suckers…  You will surely love it, and people who do not like lip balms will fall for lip balms after using it.



For more details please check out Natures Brilliance official website, HERE.

Here's something for my lovely readers, you can avail a discount of 10% on your total purchases, by simply typing in the code "ZEEBA 10"

Enjoy Shopping!!

Disclaimer: This product was sent by the PR

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