Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Mint Lip Balm by Earthstore- Review

Yesterday I reviewed Sue’s Tangarine lipbalm today I’m back with yet another lipbalm review. 

I received the Mint Lip Balm by the Earthstore a while ago, I have been using it for about 5-6 days now, and I am in absolute love with it. 

But before getting started with my review, let’s get to know the “Earthy goods” as a brand. 

“Feel good, do good”, that’s the tag of the Earthstore. The name, “Earthy goods” itself says it all.

The Earthstore was set up somewhere in the year 2007 to facilitate and help the artisans in the rural areas to have their handmade and ethical products marketed throughout the nation. From handmade soaps, lipbalms, facewashes, essential oils, jams , jellies, chutneys , herbal teas, spices, creams, body washes, body scrubs, loofah, spa oils, to candles, stationery, incense sticks, to lifestyle products like glass lanterns, votives, jewelry boxes the Earthstore has it all.

The products stand aloof from their contemporary brands, due the assortment of products available under the brand and also the natural materials used in their manufacturing, that too at affordable prices. 

There’s something for everyone under the Earthstore, Earthy goods also has delights for your children. Earthy Goods has chocolate dipped amla and nuts for your children.

So now that you know how these earthy goodies land in our urban homes, let’s get back to my review. 

The Nature body care range by the Earthstore is a collection of products made by the rural women all over the country, and the best part with minimal processing, natural ingredients and absolutely no chemicals.

Product claim:

A pound of mint, a world of freshness, real mint extracts make this a special balm for minty fresh lips. Moisture rich, paraffin free lip balms made with pure beeswax and the goodness of Honey. Keep the lips soft, nourished and naturally moisturized all day. Choose from three delicious flavors - completely addictive!

Price and quantity:

75 INR for 15 gms


You can pick them online, simply click HERE.


Apricot oil, beeswax and peppermint essential oil.

Flavors available:

Cedar, Vanilla and Mint. 


The lipbalm comes cutely packed in a screw up lid handy tub, I don’t know but unlike other women I like my lip balms in tubs. The tub comes with a cover under the lid which kind of keeps the lipbalm clean and contamination free, I tend to forget screwing its lid at times and this cover keeps my balm clean. On a whole attractive packaging, apt for lipbalms. 

About the product:

I am more of a lip balm & chapstick person when it comes to regular daily lip care.  I prefer having my lipbalm on before any lip color or lip gloss.  My make up routine is simply incomplete without lip balms & chapsticks.

Decently packed and decently priced, with a good quantity of product and effective results.  When I first applied it on, I was a bit skeptical if I would really like it enough to use it more, it had this strong mint smell, but now I am loving it. It gave me a tingling cool feeling when I applied it for the first time, which was kind of something new to me.

The Mint Lip Balm by Earthstore has a shelf life of 2 years, which is nice. 
As per the label this lipbalm is manufactured by SOS organics Pvt Ltd, Uttarakhand.

Reasons to like the Mint Lip Balm by Earthstore:

• Affordable
• The packaging, very handy and can be simply tossed into the hand bag for carrying along. 
• The ingredients are to die for.
Beeswax: Great for moisturization.
Apricot oil: soothes, revitalizes and moisturizes
Peppermint essential oil: coolant and refreshing agent.
• It’s clear, as mentioned in my previous review I like clear lipbalms and chapsticks rather than tinted ones.

• I love the cover under the lid; I am mentioning this soo many times since I usually just toss it in my hand bag without screwing the lid properly which disturbs the lipbalm at times. 
• It keeps up to its claim, it keeps my lips hydrated and moisturized.
• 15 gms for 75 INR is a steal.  It will go a long way for me. 
• A very little quantity of the product is needed for a single time use, just one swap of the lipbalm on the lips is enough.
• The staying power is good; it stays for a good 2-3 hours if you are without food and drinks.  It doesn’t fade leaving your lips dry. 
• Works great for chapped lips. 
• When you apply the lipbalm it has this refreshing strong peppermint scent which fades away after sometime of application and YES it is a pro for me since I like my balms to be mute or be fruity and flowery smelling. 

Reasons to dislike the Mint Lip Balm by Earthstore:

• I usually like my lipbalms to be fruity and flowery as mentioned above, so the peppermint scent doesn’t work for me.  I would prefer it to be mute without any scent. I may like the vanilla and cedar ones. 
• The availability, I wish it comes down to every nook and corner of the commercial malls, since they have lovely products.
• The lipbalm melts; I mean it tends to run down your lips after application. I usually blot it before applying the lip color or lipstick, which I don’t usually do with other lipbalms.

• I wish there were more than 3 flavors available. 


I will be picking the other flavors soon, can’t miss out on affordable and natural lipbalms. Lipbalm lovers get your hands on it. I recommend it to women who are looking for an affordable lipbalm and want to “feel good”. 


4/5 ( -1 for the peppermint scent and limited flavors)

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