Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Herbal Essence dangerously straight silk and straight conditioner review

Hunting for the right shampoo and conditioner is like learning JAVA in a week. :P ( Couldn’t think of anything better, since I have my exams soon )

The last year was a rollercoaster ride with shampoos and conditioner for me, head and shoulders almost made me bald (wanted to combat dandruff anyhow), and Dove range of conditioners and shampoos left no stone unturned to make my hair frizzy and miserable. Finally, my look out for the right conditioner ended somewhere last year when I got my first Herbal Essence conditioner, and ever since then I have been darn loyal to it.

This time I thought of experimenting with the Herbal Essence conditioners, and bought the Herbal Essence dangerously straight silk and straight conditioner. And let me tell you I am quite satisfied with it.

Well, the Herbal Essence dangerously straight silk and straight conditioner is one such conditioner which is affordable and dependable; both.

What the product claims?

Soft shiny hair as nature intended.

About the product:

Herbal essence has a whole range of great shampoos and conditioner, for every hair type and every hair problem. The Herbal Essence dangerously straight silk and straight conditioner is specially meant for the natural straight hair or the parlor straight hair. Curly haired girls, it won’t do you any good.  Wavy hair girls can give it a try.

I wonder why Herbal Essence doesn’t have commercial adverts. 

I use it, since I have wavy hair, I mean they are more on the straighter side, and also I keep straightening my bangs (I condition my bangs too :P) and hair regularly.

The conditioner is a fusion of honeysuckle and silk. 

The Price and quantity:

Rs 148 for 300 ml


Easily available in any cosmetic shop or beauty center, even shops selling imported goods. 


The Herbal Essence dangerously straight silk and straight conditioner comes in a very handy and cute “hot pink” bottle. All their products are very temptingly packaged. 

It has a good non-messy easy “bright green” outlet for conditioner. I love it. 


Water, stearyl alcohol, cetyl alcohol, stearamidopropyl dimethykamine, glutamic acid, fragrance, bis aminoproplyl dimethicone, benzyl alcohol, propulene glycol, citric acid, EDTA, sodium chloride, hydrolyzed silk, lonicare Japonica(honeysuckle) flower extract, methylchloroisothiazolinone/ methylisothiazolinone, CI 17200.

To be honest, I was a little reluctant on buying it when I saw the composition containing alcohol compounds.

Texture and fragrance:

The conditioner is not runny at all; it is a thick creamy one. I totally love the fragrance, its all fresh fresh and fruity. Yumm!

Directions to use:

• Apply as a regular conditioner.
• Massage.
• Relax.
• Rinse out.

What I like about it:

• Firstly the packaging, yet again I fell for the bottle. :P
• Affordable.
• Good quantity.
• Nextly, it’s a typical good conditioner, does all the good things.
• Revitalizes and revives my hair thoroughly.
• It has a fresh fruity fragrance.
• Looks after my split ends, prevents them. 
• Conditions, conditions and conditions my hair. 
• Washes out easily.
• You need not use a lot of it, a little conditioner suffices.
• Does not make your hair oily oily, like few conditioners do.

What I dislike about it:

• May make your hair dry and frizzy in winters.
• Not for dry and curly hair, who crave for straight hair. Limited to straight haired people. 


It’s totally worth it. 

Will I buy it again?

Yes, I will and also recommend it to all the beauties whole are looking for a good good conditioner.

My rating:


You won’t be disappointed by the product, you will certainly love it.

Also you can check http://www.herbalessences.com for more details on their products and also the variety of products available.


  1. Great Review...I myself love Herabal Essences Hello Hydration shampoo & conditioner...

    Visit my blog too and follow if you like :)

  2. Thanks Srish..Herbal essence has got an awesome range of conditioners and shampoos.