Monday, January 31, 2011

Health & glow Naturals Radiance Face cleanser Review

Hi everyone, today I would review one of the face cleansers I bought from my Chennai Trip. So today I am gonna review the Health & glow Naturals Radiance Face cleanser.

Well, to start of with, this was just a random pick. I mean I had shopped for my moisturizers and cream all ready from the Health & Glow stores in Abirami Mall, Chennai, and then happened to stumble on these cleansers.

When I saw them I was a bit reluctant on picking them since it a new launch by health and Glow, but then sine they were dirty cheap I got one.

So to start of with,

Price and quantity:

Originally for the price for 100 ml of the product is RS 59 only, but I got it for some RS 39 as an introductory price. 


It’s available in almost all the Health & Glow outlets all over the country.

What the Product claims?

Hydrates and calms. Pre-moisturizes your skin with a fast drying, lightweight treatment that protects and softens skin. Soothes and nurtures the skin.

Key ingredients:

Water, SLES, Sodium Chloride, Papaya extracts and Aloe Vera Gel. (such a short and sweet ingredient list) 

About the product:

Health & Glow Naturals, has a huge huge variety of these cleansers, depending on your skin type. I picked up an Aloe Face cleanser since I have an oily skin. It’s available in tea tree, chamomile, lavender and so many other types. You can choose in accordance to your skin type.

Health & glow Naturals Radiance Face cleanser comes in a ordinary flip flop capped bottle, which makes the dispensing of the cleanser totally non-messy. 

The Aloe cleanser I picked is a transparent one (waterlike).

How to use it?

Massage over the face and neck using fingertips. Wipe away with tissue and rinse with water.


• Darn cheap.
• They have varieties of cleansers for every skin type. 
• Cleans my skin thoroughly. ( I use it for getting rid of my remnant make up, after cleaning up the make up with olive oil)
• The consistency of the cleanser is quite thick. 
• Has a very mild and soothing smell.
• Not tested on animals. Yeyy!


• It makes my skin a bit dry and stretched.
• It makes my skin smooth, only after I moisturize it post cleansing.

You can miss this one, since there are great cleansers available in the market. But yes, it comes quite cheap so giving it a chance is really worth. If nothing else, you can use it as a brush cleaner or a hand sanitizer. :P



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