Monday, January 31, 2011

My Maybelline Haul, Thanks Pooja!!!

The New Year kick started for me, with loads and loads of shopping, gifts and surprises. I had major hauls in the past two months, and the season of hauls continues for me.

But today was a special special day and I really wanna Thank Pooja, for making it so special.

I just happened to stumble on Pooja’s blog last week and found out that she was an oriflame consultant. Well, I do not really buy oriflame products but yes, once a while sitting in the salon I flip through their catalogue and if I find something interesting I order it.

I was actually looking for a nice blush since I had almost eaten up my Maybelline dream mousse last month. :P I love it!!!! I am not that fond of powder blushes but yes I do use them in Majboori, when I don’t have my cream ones or the Maybelline dream blush. The oriflame consultant here is quite nosey, I don’t like her, hmph!!!! She didn’t have the Visions blush stick, but fortunately Pooja did.. 

So I ordered my blush stick from Pooja, and also asked her if she could get me my Maybelline stuff, since I had to wait for my exams to get over till I get back to Pune to buy it.  And being a total sweetheart, Pooja happily agreed. Then what… I asked her to send me, Maybelline dream Mousse blushes in peach satin and soft plum. Color sensational Lipsticks in Warm me Up and Make me Pink. Maybelline color sensational lip gloss in Raspberry Sorbet along with the Visions stick blush. I also got a lipstick case free freee free…. 

I was elated when I got my parcel today; it took just 2 days to reach me.  Just couldn’t wait to open it up. Pooja took the special efforts of packing it with a bubble wrap, she also included the next months Oriflame Catalogue in it, I think I am ordering the whole catalogue.. :P :P And not to forget a lovely note with it. 

I am so so happy today, and wanna thank Pooja for her lovely gesture.  I am touched and how!!!

Totally loving all the stuff she sent me…… A big big bear hug to Pooja and also a big big Thank You!!!

I would be reviewing all the products in the haul one by one for you all. :)

 Thank you…. 


  1. this is so cute

    even I want some oriflame products but I dont know anyone who sells them.

    Do you know where I can get any kind of cream blush or Maybelline Dream Mousse without shimmer ??

    I wish Maybelline had a version without shimmer

    Do visit my blog :

  2. oh friend Pooja is an oriflame consultant. Please leave in your email ID i shall mail u here details. :)

    Thanks for the comment. :)