Thursday, April 7, 2011

Lakme Fantasy Collection Shadow Artist Shimmer Stick- Review!

I have been using the Shadow Artist Shimmer Sticks for around 2 weeks now, like every day.  So finally sat back to jot down my views on the gorgeous chubby things. 

Product claim:

Let your eyes share magical moments with light beams. Creamy color pencils laced with super fine glitter, reflect light and bring a mesmerizing sparkle to your eyes. Edge, smudge, line, shadow, color or blend. Keep the mystery alive.

Price and quantity:

350 INR for 1.14 g


Easily available at your nearest Lakme counters and beauty centers.

Shades available in:

Astral Blue
Starry night
Glimmer green
Moon beam

About the product:

As soon as I saw them, I instantly correlated them with the NYX jumbo eye pencils, may be because of their similar appearance and shape. I also think Lakme is the first Indian brand to have such chubby beauties.  I received the Glimmer green and Astral blue shades from the 4 listed above.  I was elated because I have been wanting to pick Siahi since ages and also wanted a nice green eye pencil for the summers. 

On first thoughts, the Shadow Artist Shimmer Sticks are creamy and very well pigmented eye pencils, however I have mixed reviews on them.

The Shadow Artist Shimmer Stick in Astral Blue is a very close dupe for Siahi, it’s a ,ate deep inky blue shade which doesn’t really have a lot of glitter and shimmer, It glides on like a dream on the eyes, whereas the Glimmer green is a nice bright summer green with a little sheen and some healthy shimmer. 

How do the Shadow Artist Shimmer Sticks look?

Thick, chubby and cute.  Indian version of the NYX jumbo pencils. Pretty packaging.

Here are the swatches for both:

How do I wear the Shadow Artist Shimmer Sticks:

I love to put on a thick line of the Shadow Artist Shimmer Sticks on the lids, and have another thin contrasting liner on them, like a brown or a black one with blue and a blue or pink liner with the green.

I wear the Astral blue on my waterline; I love how it looks there. 

I have a thick line of the sticks on my lid and smudge them and blend it with a corresponding or contrasting eyeshadows.

I wear them as eyeshadow bases. 

Reasons to like the Shadow Artist Shimmer Sticks:

The Shadow Artist Shimmer Sticks are priced decently.

They are darn creamy.

The pigmentation is nice!!

Awesome colors.

Super easy to use.

An almost exact dupe for Siahi

Easier to blend and line on, doesn’t really tug or tow.

Easily available

Although they are creamy and soft the point doesn’t break or something like that even when I sharpened them, some eye liners also tend to break whilst application.

They are waterproof; I had to literally use soap to get them off.  Otherwise you need a nice make up remover or olive oil to get them off.

Multipurpose, Lives up to the claim of edge, smudge, line, shadow, color or blend. 
They didn’t melt or smudge on my waterline.

They did not irritate my waterline.  I have a super sensitive waterline; even the Drama gel or plain kohl irritates my waterline at times.

You will love to carry them around, since they are cute plus they are the best handy emergency eyeshadows too.

Reasons to dislike the Shadow Artist Shimmer Sticks:

My mum has oily skin, and these pencils melted on her lids, they smudged very badly on her eyes. 

They do crease; you must like MUST have a good base or primer if you want to avoid this.

They smell like natraj pencils. 

Sharpening can be an issue.  Rather finding the right sharpener for them can be an issue.


For now I am happy with these two shades, I recommend it to ladies who looking for Siahi dupes or want to have NYX jumbo eye pencils. I agree they crease but if used with a nice base or primer this can be totally avoided. 


I will be posting some EOTD's soon!!

So did you like them enough to try? If yes which shades are you picking?

Disclaimer: This product was sent by the PR


  1. me liking it they have a purple one in this range...


  2. hey Deepti..they are nice......... they don't have a purple pencil but yes..a violet navy blue kind of shade..

  3. Zeeba,Astral Blue looks lovely! Nice review :)

  4. Thanks Uzma....even i like astral blue :)

  5. I've got astral blue and I love it. But it does crease a lot!

  6. aww those chubby things are adorable!
    thanks for sharing the info and i like the blue one!

  7. Zeeba its Dipti not Deepti..... :)

  8. @Bhumika I love it toooo..

    @ash89 yes..dats the bad part.. :(

    @sartorial diary i know..they are super cute.... :)

    @Dipti sorry Dipti.. :(